The Revitalized Body Blueprint
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The Revitalized Body Blueprint is a powerful 16 week 
1-1 Fitness coaching program that I have designed to delivered unrivaled support & lasting transformation. 
It's the culmination of 10,000's of hours of coaching clients through the process of creating lifestyle changes in their fitness & health. 
Now, I excited and grateful to shape it with you!
- Brian Pickowicz
real people transforming their lives with a REVITALIZED approach
- Nate Despins -
VP of Sales & a Former Athlete
Lost 88 pounds, regained his fire & got back to his zone! 
- Windy Scott - 
Business and Team Leader 
Windy lost over 60+ pounds, learned to love herself again, and created a new, healthy lifestyle
- Lauren Sanborn -
Professional Photographer
Lauren lost all of her baby weight, reshaped her habits & created a wave of new confidence for herself. 
Tim's Lifestyle Change:
Burnt out & depressed to FIT & Revitalized
I am ready to get back into my zone!
The Four Pillars of The Revitalized Body Blueprint 
Individualized, Results-Driven Programing
Everything we do together is fully designed around you & what you need to get life-changing results from your nutrition, training, and lifestyle-habits
Holistic, Comprehensive-Focused Plan
We will focus on building fitness into your current life & look at how it fits in with your career, family, and personal responsibilities. 
Habit Change Integration
Focusing on building sustainable habits and routines to keep your body and mind healthy in a seamless manner. 
Unrivaled Support, Accountability, & Feedback
Each client I work with receives the specific level of support they need in order to succeed and get to where they want to be. 
Amy's Story of Revitalizing Her Life
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  What Darren says about the Revitalize Body Blueprint
"Working with Brian has been amazing, he's not only helped me get in shape, but he's helped me get back to feeling like myself again.
 It's been a life-changing experience."
- Darren Boles
Doctor of Dentistry 
Lost 30 pounds, Developed Lifestyle Habits, and Got Back to His Zone!
How do I know if this program is right for you?
  • You're a professional & leader who has put their physical health and fitness on the back burner for years. 
  • ​​Your current self-image and health is holding you back from feeling confident and upbeat. 
  • ​​You long to be active again without fear of being held back by your physical health or image
  • ​You're sick of not having the energy to finish the day strong. 
  • ​You are ready to get back in your zone where you feel the fire for life again. 
This program won't be a good fit for those who:  
  • Are seeking a quick-fix or temporary fix. 
  • Make excuses & refuse to take responsibility for themselves. 
  • Are unwilling to invest in themselves through their time, energy or resources
  • ​Are not willing to take massive action and commit to themselves. 
What you receive with The Revitalized Body Blueprint:
1. The Revitalized Body Formula 
Your Customized Plan
  • A fully customized plan for your nutrition, training, and daily routines. 
  • ​Creating the step-by-step system for you to get life changing results while building sustainable habits along the way. 
  • ​Adjusted weekly to account for your progress & life's challenges. 
2. Mindful Habit Integration System 
Mindful Lessons for Lasting Change
  • A Weekly Mindfulness Teaching to Revitalize Your Mind & Develop New Habits
  • ​Each teaching is designed to improve your daily habits, relationship with food, and stress management. 
  • ​Each lesson is delivered in an easy to digest & integrate manner so it 
3. Intentional Accountability Reflections & Check-Ins
Weekly Reflection Points for Consistency & Optimizing Progress
  • Weekly personal check-ins that create intentional space for you to celebrate your wins of the last week. 
  • Each reflection will focus on what the biggest wins of the week were, what's helping you regain confidence, and how we're moving towards your end goal. 
  • ​These get sent to me & I send a full video for feedback & adjustments for the following week. 
 4. 1-1 Breakthrough Performance Coaching
Over the next 16 weeks, you & I will be a team moving together towards a unified goal of a better you
  • Over the course of our 16 weeks, we will have 10 1-1 calls where we dive into building a bigger vision of your life & how fitness will enhance it. 
  • ​During these calls we will strategize & align on the practices that are bringing you the greatest results and which steps we will take to optimize them. 
  • ​Beyond our video chats, you'll have full text message & email support from me so you constantly have someone in your corner advocating for your success with you. 
Spots for this program are extremely limited & will be capped at 7-10 people at a time
Lauren's Transformation Journey:
Postpartum frustration and loss of self to creating the body of her dreams
 while BECOMING the powerhouse she wanted to be!
Cody Lost 35lbs & Gained a New, Healthy Lifestyle
"It's been a great experience" - Cody Gile
Haley Found Self-Love & Healing Through Fitness
"This has changed my life" - Haley K
It's not just about weight loss,
It's about you getting back into your zone!
Windy's Journey to Revitalizing Her Body:
Angry and burnt out to renewed love for herself & total transformation of habits
Are you ready to take your health in your hands and REVITALIZE your life?
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Meet Your Coach | Brian Pickowicz
My name is Brian Pickowicz,  for the last 4 years I've been truly blessed to help 100's of people transform their lives through fitness and health. 

I believe that fitness and health is the key to a lifetime of happiness & fulfillment because when you feel better, you can perform better.

This passion for fitness was born out of athletics, but became something bigger when I saw my loved one suffer the negative consequences of poor habits & little self-care. 

This is why I look at fitness as a total lifestyle approach, not just a nutrition and workout plan. 

Fun things about me: 
Originally, I grew in a small-town in NH & then I've lived in Los Angeles for two years before moving to Dallas, Texas with my Fiancé. I love music & writing songs. I am also an avid fan of eating Frozen Yogurt & Buffalo Chicken Pizza; it's about balance!

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I afford this?
When it comes to affordability, I have tiers to my programs to fulfill any pricing needs. But, the more important question than can you afford to do this, is can you afford not to? 
What is the cost of inaction 2-5 years down the line if you don't get back into your zone? 
Will this program work for me? 
In all of my experiencing with coaching clients, I have never had a client not see the results they wanted so long as they put in the work. 
By choosing to sign on with me, you have my fully commitment to show up with power and focus to get you where you want to be. 
How will this work without you in person? 
All of your program (training, nutrition, texts) will take place on the BP FITNESS app. This shows me what you're doing for workouts, what you're tracking for food & tells me when you're in the gym. 

Through text, phone call & FaceTime support we will build a better coaching relationship than if I was with you in the gym. 

My intention is to provide you with the support you need in and out of the gym so this is a full-lifestyle change for you. 
I have a busy life, what if I can't do the workouts? 
This program is fully designed around you & what you can handle for your life meaning we will look at everything you have going on & design this plan around you and exactly what you need to be successful. 
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